API vs Total Movie Hub 



 Total Movie Hub

Designed for clients that

  • Own well established websites
  • Have a well-trained internal IT team

  • Have good SEO & organic traffic

  • Are looking to add ticketing, theatrical & home entertainment data

  • Want to have customised looks for each / all films

  • Don't have in house IT resources

  • Are eager to capture First Party Audience DATA

  • Want to power their own PLAYER


  • Want best in class ANALYTICS


  • Are willing to add a fresh consumer facing brand


Front End Development

 Controlled by your team

Developed by our team


   Don't receive usheru website engagement analytics




  • Branded Pages

  • Unique URLs for each movie

  • Management of movie pages

You manage

We manage

First-Party Data Tools

  • Competitions

  • Quizzes

  • Movie News, Demand It or similar sign ups

  • Newsletter sign ups

 Owning the moment of purchase


  • Showtimes redirection

  • Streaming redirection

  • Full cinema ticketing

Possible but requires significant development
of the ticketing process on your website 

  • uPLAY


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